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When I think about human beings and their relationships.We seem to hurt each other unnessarily .It starts, even in the kindergarten stages of our socialization. I think of children who are bullies.Do they learn their behaviour somewhere or are they just lashing out because they are in pain,and unhappy.Adults inflict pain too,sometimes intentionally when they should know better.No human being is impervious to pain and suffering.I think our attitudes to pain and suffering is important.Attitude determines if we triumph or are defeated in any given situation.We can choose to forgive ,we can choose to heal.We can choose to do better.To be the bigger person.

I had to learn those principles.I have been hurt so many times.I choose to see the good in people.I believe in forgiveness.I believe in second chances.Life has a redeeming quality.It is not naivety.I could be angry and bitter.I could do so many negative things to get back at people .Why bother,it is too much to carry around.I also feel that the rage that drives people to behave in a certain way.Rage is a buildup and spill over of their anger.It gets to a point where the rage can’t be contained any longer.

If you say it can’t be done,then I guess we revert back to our animal selves.Uncaring,Selfish,egotistical,carrying around so much anger.It destroys our very being.Anger can be all-consuming,I’ve seen people I know destroy their lives by making bad choices.

I feel a lot of justification and excuses exist in the world today.Many people feel if they show compassion that people will think they are naive or foolish.I challenge you to be the light in the darkness.To do the right thing,be a leader and not a follower.Don’t do something because its expected especially if it is wrong.   

I don’t want to go back to yesterday.The world is changing constantly.Human emotions are constant though.We all experience grief,joy,pain etc.We are also cable of great love, kindness and compassion.

My musings are not because I am naive.I conciously choose to live this way.Some people say well they did it to me so I am going to do it back.Where is your humanity?I am not saying to be the persons friend or to let them continue to hurt you.No! then that would be stupid. 

It’s not easy,anger is sometimes a good emotion though.There is always a justification for why we feel a certain way.I have been so angry at times but you need time to reflect,to focus,to hone your spirituality.My spirituality and my faith has helped me tremendously.These qulaities have helped me on my life’s journey.To anyone reading my posts believe me,you can forgive people.If I can, you can too.I have been through much.Peace!

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