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Let It Go

Closed fists and hearts padlocked in anger.
Leaching poisonous emotions into your blood stream,danger.
Life’s burdens can be heavy.
Often almost,certainly a remedy
for what ails.

Let it go,let it flow.
Pain is waiting to dim your glow.
If all you have is hope.
Then you can still cope.

We ran,swore we would be better.
You be the judge forgetter.
We are now the hunted,on the run.
Always chasing a sun.

So let it go:
If it causes pain.
Eternal value,or little gain.
If the payout is shame
If blame is attached.
If you are detached from self.
Dilutes the passionate emotion.
Anger becomes a condition.

Let it go,what ever it is.
The boss.
The loss of a bad relationship.
A revelation, its not worth it.
I wish healing,to your spirit.

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