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When I saw you
I already knew
Science hadn’t told me
intuitive knowledge rests in my D.N.A.
Did I make you uncomfortable?
Or were there sparks short circuiting and jamming your brain signals?
Were you confused?
Unsure of how to proceed?
I wondered what you’d look like in the flesh.
Up close and personal!
You had me immobilized, tongue-tied.
My peripheral vision paid homage to your beloved face.
Casting furtive glances was all I could muster
You see I was afraid you’d see in my eyes
What I tried to hide.
Afraid to share my secret!
How could you not sense what I already feel for you?
I want to acknowledge what is written on the tablet of my heart
And stamped into every line of my body, pores and blood vessels
You’re already part of me, its useless to pretend or prevaricate
I love you!
Did you feel the flutters of awareness?
Our love is taboo
But by who?
We can’t let anyone decide for us, or interfere
With what has been written
Will you be strong?
Brave even!
Stare down opposition.
Will you follow the urging of your heart when it nudges?
Can you defy convention?
Are you a man of conviction?

By.Joszann St.John

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