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In a sense writers pull words and thoughts from the mind of the universe and arrange them into some form of consciousness” by Joszann St. John.


Quote-tan as an adult

Quote-tan as an adult (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I personally believe as we become more  spiritually aware writing improves, taking on new dimensions.My earlier attempts at writing yielded far different results we might say…

I yearn for stability in my life, would really enjoy that.So much  change and upheaval the last number of years,yeah…I’m not alone I know.Happy Wednesday everyone!


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On a rock promontory sits the glass eye

While the sea eddies around its base

The colorless luminescent orb caged behind steel bars

Spins and turns this way, slowly at first

Now picking up speed and momentum


Searching and sifting for information, spying

On all and sundry

Hard, unyielding and impenetrable, a heart of glass beats beneath its surface

The sun reflections on the sea create a mirror image


Giving credence to the power of the unseeing eye

Protected, slightly obscure in the sea’s embrace

The eye wields power single-handedly

Passerby in boats, shudder in distaste


As they gaze at the monstrosity

An extravagant display of bad taste

Calculating, cold and devoid of warmth

The glass eye sees without seeing!

 By Joszann St. John

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I’m blessed, you are too !
So grateful that I can give voice to my thoughts.God has been working on me and through me.Stronger and wiser now…wow! You know some of the things we think matter, don’t!

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We ought to bless the name of the Lord! I think we all have reason to.

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Clack, Crack, Clack,



Thunder and jagged lightening shatters

The afternoon silence in Ishitar

Residents, run pell mell

Searching for cover, weary of the impending downpour


Brilliant hues, some blue, brown and green previously shrouding all of nature

Have now departed as darkness alights like a thief in the night

A usurper, laying claim to the landscape with its malevolent presence.

It seems all of creation is at war.


Loud rumbling terrifies the children

As they hide behind mothers

Tugging on hemlines

Their expressions of fear apparent

While older siblings in corners crouch


Rain falls, a heavy outpouring

Soaking everything exposed

The deluge pulling items along

Removing them from their moorings


The storm, short and savage in intensity

In the tropical jungle a bittersweet reminder that nature can be a treacherous beauty.

Astonishing mortal’s every time she goes on display.

 By Joszann St. John

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A clearing in the dense forest is home to a modest log cabin

Snow falls gently blanketing the landscape in a curtain of white

Smoke has long ceased from the chimney on the roof top

Inside, the lone occupant

A woman, has fallen asleep in the rocking chair

She wears a thick Angora sweater

And wrapped around her knees is a patchwork quilt

Some embers smolder among the ashes

While shadows flicker along the walls of the room.

It is late in the evening

Her husband left early afternoon to lay traps

Now the light has faded and it is pitch dark

Fresh snow has covered over his footsteps

Obscuring the pathway back to hearth and home.


 By Joszann St.John

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“If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. With confidence, you have won even before you have started” by Marcus Garvey.

“Self confidence is the power that makes you dare, try and do”by Remez Sasson.

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