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 Another day dawns

But the reality remains unchanged

She is gone!


The pain comes in waves

Intensifying now, then receding, waning

She is gone!


The hurt in my soul

A mass of bruised and aching nerve endings

She is gone!


The tears I shed now are mostly unseen

The earlier deluge staunched

She is gone!


I hide my fears

Wanting to be strong for my children

She is gone!


Pretending nothing is wrong

Despair and disbelief in my heart

She is gone!


How could she depart?

So suddenly and without warning

She is gone!


Her loss leaves me bereft

Her children, sisters and our parents uncomprehending

She is gone!


Raw rage, real pain

Coalesce into empty longing loneliness

She is gone!


Forever now I’ll know

When I look into a sea of faces

She is gone!


Her visage shall never more be there.

Once upon a time my sister woke.

She is gone!


Death has stolen my sister.

Joan! I would have traded the memories for your life!


By Joszann St. John 

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