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In the early evening

When the work on the farm is done

And the sun is setting

Johnny comes a calling

We oft walk alongside the meadow.

In the still of the dusk

Beautiful flowers, their many colors

Spread out, resplendent like a patchwork quilt

Seem other worldly/luminous in the fading daylight

There’s a sudden movement in the low bushes and my little mutt

Rufus scampers to investigate.

It’s probably a wild rabbit

I purse my lips in remembered delight

Gone were the days when Pa would come through the door whistling

A tasty little morsel slung over his shoulder.

In the lengthening shadows

I drift closer to Johnny

His hard arms surround me/comforting and  full of  strength

A cow moos in the distance as we round a bend

We wave to farmer Ben

He grunts without looking up

His attention focused on his unruly hogs

On a quiet grassy knoll we sit and stare in wonder

As the sun dips low/biding the day goodbye.

By Joszann St.John

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Girls conferenceEarlier on today I attended a Young Ladies Leadership Seminar.I had a great time interacting with young  women from varied cultural backgrounds.As I do  these events and meet more people.I find that most of us,share similar issues and that we want most of the same things materially, emotionally, mentally,and socially.I covered topics on Social media, bullying and some  ideas were presented on the appropriate nature of boyfriend/girlfriend relationships.Informative, engaging and at times fun,today I became part of the Middle School experience.

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Hello there!!!

globe, world Globe

Another week has come and gone.The year is just flying past as we get ready to say goodbye to March 2013.I just wanted to touch base with you my fans.Over the years I have done some public speaking here and there.As the books come and my confidence grows I’m doing more public forums and so I have to adjust my work to accommodate everything that I’m doing now.I love and appreciate you all,and no, I haven’t taken a break.See you soon!


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 In the summer/the family comes to the water

The sound of wood splitting in the morning air draws her.

Her husband muscles flex under his worn t-shirt/ making her heart flutter in remembered ecstasy.

The window pane/transparent only moments ago

Is now cloudy/it had beckoned to Katya /so enticingly.

Mustering all her reserves of strength/ she had navigated the stairs before finally settling in her motorized wheel chair.

Now the chair is stuck/the wheels refusing to budge

She could do no more

Arms flailing/ she attacks the portion of glass directly in front of her face

If only Tom would turn around

He is bent /intent on clearing away

The debris of the huge tree/ that had fallen onto their property over the winter.

Katya bemoans her condition

And resigns herself to fate

For wait she must and be patient.

By Joszann St.John

English: Wheel chair. Dedicated to the memory ...

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But as he which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation;Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy”1 Peter 1:15-16

 “God is holy in nature and in all His ways, and he wants to make man like Himself.He wants man to be Christlike.This is the aim of all Christian effort.We must therefore constantly and earnestly pray to be made holy” E.M.Bounds.

English: St Peter & Holy Cross, Wherwell Grade...

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I admire Lesley Carter’s zest for life and adventure.She is a constant source of inspiration to many, including myself.May God bless and keep her in 2013 and beyond.Way to go Lesley.I do hope you win the contest,cheers to adventure!

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I listened to most of this interview and I thought I’d share .Very inspiring,I’m so glad to be a part of this world of writing and books.

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