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Un-announced she arrives on his doorstep

Wide skirts billowing in the wind that wants to uncover her secrets

He hasn’t seen her in months

Forgetting her contribution to his momentary fill of pleasure

Hurriedly closing heavy front doors

He leads her round back

Under the huge Oak tree that stands off to one side of the property

And away from prying eyes and eavesdropping ears.

His own eyes, now full of dread and bulging out of his head

Marva Williams is ensconced in his parlor

An agitated Tommy feels the tentacles of doom closing about his person and he keeps looking around furtively

He rues his earlier dalliance, nearly collapsing when the woman says

“ I’m pregnant, and my parents have thrown me out.”

To be continued… 

Collina d'Oro  , Sunflowerfield and Oak

Joszann St. John

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