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A must destination on your to do list, sometime in your lifetime.I have posted on Dominica before, but when I find an interesting video I like to post it.My beautiful homeland,just one of the many places I call home in this splendid world of ours. Dominicans are largely creative and industrious people.These videos showcase the people , places and culture of Dominica, the Nature Island of the West Indies.


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I have been privileged to experience summer in the caribbean and also in Canada my adopted homeland.Summer is one of my favorite seasons, in both countries.

Summer in Dominica:

As a young girl, my five sisters and I would be off from school for two months.It was a time to pack away school books and read novels or go visiting.My aunts and grandmother houses with our other cousins were the place to be.We would play games under the blistering heat of the caribbean sun.Or sometimes we would go to the river to wash or bathe.I remember picking mangoes and guavas stoning the ripe fruit if they were to high to reach.The ripe mangoes would be so sweet,the yellow juice would stain your clothes, and leave your hands and skin sticky.My aunt Cooksie,had a guava tree in her yard.The smell would beckon,when you bit in it was another matter.The guavas were so sour.We knew this and everytime we were lulled by the sweet smell and would bit in and suffer our way through.

Children would sometimes run away from their mothers watchful eyes, and go out of the village on ‘fatpoke’ or ‘pwadu’ runs.I never tried that with my mom, she would not let me anyways.If I disobeyed there would be repercussions.

My favorite activity was going to the beach especially on the first Monday in August.We would pack a huge picnic and most families would journey out of their village together by bus or van to go to a special beach.I remember visiting the beaches of Portsmouth, Dominica’s second largest town.The town is located in the north of the island and lies along the sea coast.Every Summer we would pick a different beach,one year we went to ‘PurpleTurtle Beach’.I never found out ,why it was called that particular name.’August Monday’ is a national holiday in Dominica and most of the other Caribbean islands.It is in celebration of the emancipation of slavery in the Caribbean.

I hated when the summer drew to a close though.That first day back at school and writing that dreaded essay all the teachers asked you to write titled “What did you do on your summer holidays”? Even though I had enjoyed my summer,I did not like to write about it.

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Some of my fondest memories are of eating tamarind balls and icepop in my old village of Wesley.

Tamarind balls are made from the Tamarind fruit.It is a sour or tart fruit with seed like pods.The pods are harvested and the fruit inside is mixed with sugar.The resulting sour and sweet flavour is a unique combination.One could not eat too many of the balls.My tongue bore the brunt of many cuts because i imbibed so much of the treat.For me it was highly addictive,my adventures in Tamarind heaven were dependent on how fast my sore tongue healed. Just the smell of the balls reduced my taste buds to water. I was not content unless I had about four of those balls.School vendors sold the balls at recess time.Only one lady made the best Tamarind balls,I made sure to get my balls from her.Most time she was the only one selling them anyways. Ah ,the joys of my childhood.

Icepops, another fine treat.Most of the villagers including my mom made icepops.Icepops are really any type of juice poured into special plastic and frozen.It was poor man’s ice-cream.So many exotic flavours,rum punch,peanut punch,guava,soursop,cool aid and the list goes on and on.My favourite was any of the punches.Rich sweet and creamy,ambrosia.Each bag sold at the time for a quarter or fifty cents.Some people made big ones for a dollar.The big ones took to long to eat.They would freeze of your hand.So many children stole those suckers when they had a chance.Vendors would sell icepop at recess time also.It was a good thirst quencher on one of them hot days in Dominica.In my minds eye I can taste and feel that first blast of flavour as I would bite into that bag.Yeah, for a child Ice pop was one of the best inventions ever made.

by Joszann

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I remember saturdays as a child.Every saturday was laundry day in Londonderry River.All the village women and children descended on the river,it was a whole day affair.Most times I went with my aunt or grandma sometimes my mom would come when she was not busy or ill.As a ten year old girl, I looked forward to hanging with my aunt or cousins.I felt important and grown up with the older cousins like Eds.The gossip that was bandied about by every one made me want to grow up fast.I wanted to inhibit the adult world, it seemed so much fun.

I liked the river water as it surged around my feet for hours while we stood and washed or played.The water was very cooling and refreshing on hot saturdays.Mullets and water snails ‘veyo’ darted to and fro in the water.
Young men would fish for crayfish under the rocks.Their fishing gogles,hooked up on their heads looked like a monstrousity to me.In their quest to finding fish they would traverse the whole river from end to end.

The river lay like a serpent,coiling and twisting on its way to Cabana Beach.Each family marked out their territoty.We all had our favourite spot in the river.Each segment of the river had its own name,places like dam,under the bridge,and coco- shed.

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