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Having to go over completed projects is very demoralising .  I’m a work in progress, but it will  be all good in the end. I don’t believe in coincidences anymore and so I try to humble myself and learn from every situation. After encountering  many setbacks and opposition in my lifetime, I’m very grateful  for the lessons in resiliency and patience.

Forward momentum has arrived in 2013, and I’m working on some new projects. I can’t wait to share them with you, I do apologise for being away from you on WordPress. As I build,I’ve come across many walls, in the form of spiritual battles, but God is faithful. I tell people, attitude and knowledge is everything, as we go through life’s trials and testings. We fall down but we get up by the grace of God. Blessings,and happy Thursday everyone!

This picture is of the Credit River, in Weston Lions Park in Toronto. One of our favorite jaunts, when my kids and I, lived in the Weston Village area.


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Girls conferenceEarlier on today I attended a Young Ladies Leadership Seminar.I had a great time interacting with young  women from varied cultural backgrounds.As I do  these events and meet more people.I find that most of us,share similar issues and that we want most of the same things materially, emotionally, mentally,and socially.I covered topics on Social media, bullying and some  ideas were presented on the appropriate nature of boyfriend/girlfriend relationships.Informative, engaging and at times fun,today I became part of the Middle School experience.

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Hello there!!!

globe, world Globe

Another week has come and gone.The year is just flying past as we get ready to say goodbye to March 2013.I just wanted to touch base with you my fans.Over the years I have done some public speaking here and there.As the books come and my confidence grows I’m doing more public forums and so I have to adjust my work to accommodate everything that I’m doing now.I love and appreciate you all,and no, I haven’t taken a break.See you soon!


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Hi Everyone,

Sonnets in Waking MomentsHope you are doing well,  a bit chilly outside today in New York City but I’m not complaining. A very busy time in my life right now, I relish it.You know sometimes we get bored and we yearn for change.
Movement is always a good thing,don’t under-estimate it’s importance  in your life.It is helping you birth your best creative energy.

You can now read a preview of my new book Sonnets in waking Moments on the Xlibris Website.

http://bookstore.xlibris.com/Products/SKU-0113210049/Sonnets-in-Waking-Moments.aspx – Paper Back

http://bookstore.xlibris.com/Products/SKU-0113210050/Sonnets-in-Waking-Moments.aspx  – Hard Back

Would love to know your thoughts on my new novel!

Sincerely Joszann


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I must acknowledge the goodness and awesomeness of God, without him I would not be here today.

I started this blog three years ago.All I had was this dream to impact others.Dreams are powerful but we must embark on them, they are of no use sitting around in our minds.We must dare to bring them to the light of day.From not knowing anyone to over 5000 views and almost 100 hundred followers, I’m grateful and humbled by your generosity.A huge thank you to the WordPress Community at large.Thanks to my reading audience and followers.Don’t keep the posts to your selves, share them with others.I do look forward to more great posts and the best of 2013.To all the  bloggers and writers, much love and appreciation for all you do.We are changing the world with the words that loan themselves to us. Join me on my Facebook pages and follow me on Twitter.I thank you so much.



Yours sincerely,

Joszann St.John

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My new book is here.

http://bookstore.xlibris.com/Products/SKU-0113210049/Sonnets-in-Waking-Moments.aspx – Paper Back

http://bookstore.xlibris.com/Products/SKU-0113210050/Sonnets-in-Waking-Moments.aspx  – Hard Back

 Sonnets in Waking Moments

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Caribbean flamingo

Hope everyone is doing wonderful.I haven’t been around lately,and just wanted to check in.I don’t just want to post for posting sake.We deserve the best of each other.Thanks for your love and patience.All in good time. J

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