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Girls conferenceEarlier on today I attended a Young Ladies Leadership Seminar.I had a great time interacting with young  women from varied cultural backgrounds.As I do  these events and meet more people.I find that most of us,share similar issues and that we want most of the same things materially, emotionally, mentally,and socially.I covered topics on Social media, bullying and some  ideas were presented on the appropriate nature of boyfriend/girlfriend relationships.Informative, engaging and at times fun,today I became part of the Middle School experience.

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I’ve always enjoyed photos.The past number of years it seems I’m developing a keener appreciation for this art form. Especially when it comes to older gems.Pictures have helped in constructing my newest title Sonnets in Waking Moments.I will always be a student of history and things of the past, truthfully tradition and such fascinates me.Photos tell a story, that is if we are observant enough. When there is no story or conversation piece to guide you the visual image is powerful.I’m trying to connect all the things I like,dislikes too and incorporate them into my work. This photo is an old one ,not sure of the date but its a poignant reminder of our history. I think there is a quiet dignity about the two women.I like this one very much because of what it captures,a unique time  in history,imagery, class, race and gender are portrayed here.

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Spring fancy~

This tree outside my home is beautiful in full bloom.I wanted to document a few photos of the process,winter is gone and all of nature is fully and wondrously alive.I need to work on my photography skills lol, they are non existent.I point and click, always room for improvement.

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