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The Prophetic

I decree and declare that righteousness will prevail in Canada and in the nations around the globe in Jesus name!

Get ready for the next move of God!

God is positioning the church in this season.Systems that have oppressed the people are falling away.The wind of God is blowing, I say to you earth will never be the same. Hear the roar of the sons of God!


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The Prophetic

For America: I hear the cries and prayers says the Lord.I want to heal and restore your land.You have taken me out of everything.Put me back into everything.You have failed miserably on your own.I am the restorer ! I am the deliverer! Abide in me as I abide in you.I am your God.Come back to me and see the change in your land.Thus sayeth the Lord.

For Kenya: I will restore and I will deliver.I am the great deliverer! Thus says the Lord.

I have started a great move in all the nations of the earth.I am pouring out my spirit on all flesh.It is that time that was prophesied about.Change is already in the lands.More signs and wonders will follow.Pray for the weather patterns.There is shifting and more shifting.Change and more change.My people who know me will be safe.Abide in me as I abide in you.Pray without ceasing.Always be on guard.Your weapons are not carnal.Spiritual warfare, prayers that will shift the tide.Violent faith in me.Always in me.I see all,I know all.I am God! Thus sayeth the Lord.

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The Prophetic:

These are the messages for the public:

Given to me Wednesday September 8th:

Winter 2010 will be harsh.(Canada)

Given to me Friday October 15th:

I will visit the land of Cush.
It is not a good visit.(I will shake them)

“I am God, your Lord.There is no other God.I alone am God” this is repeated many times to me.

In all the messages the Lord is saying turn from your ways,acknowledge me and I will save you.Violent prayer and fasting in the land.

Ezekiel 9 repeated many times.

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Taken from Wikipedia:

‘A prophecy is the message that has been communicated to a prophet which the prophet then communicates to others. Such messages typically involve divine inspiration, interpretation, or revelation of events to come.’

Nature of prophecyIn the earliest Jewish source, the Torah, prophecy often consisted of a warning by God of the consequences should the society, specific communities, or their leaders not adhere to Torah’s instructions in the time contemporary with the prophet’s life. Prophecies sometimes included promises of blessing for obeying God, and returning to behaviors and laws as written in the Torah. Warning prophecies feature in all Jewish works of the Tanakh.

‘I am who god says I am, not who man says I am.’ I always like to put definitions and explain things so my readers get my point of view.I advise individuals to seek for themselves.My job though is to portray my work in such a way that anyone who reads, understands the message.

Before now,I didn’t understand certain things about myself.No two human beings are created alike.Everyone of us has unique strengths, capabilities and even weaknesses.All human beings originate from God,I do believe that.I have been seeking the Lord like never before.This intense period has brought new direction and enhanced some gifts in me.The voice of the Lord has been insistent.I have a duty to tell others what he says.Whether individuals believe or not is not up to me.Some of the messages have already been confirmed.I am not blowing my own trumpet here.The people who are to receive the messages will receive them.I am just a messenger.The messages will soon follow…

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