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Sexuality a blessing or a curse

Many times in society we find ourselves tiptoeing around the sensitive subject of sexuality. Our very natures demand that we express our love in the most intimate ways possible.Human beings respond best to stimuli’s whether they be internal or external stimuli. Our senses are direct pathways that aid and abet the processes that occur in all of us. We know the five recognized senses are sight (ophthalmoception), hearing (audioception), taste (gustaoception), smell (olfacoception or olfacception), and touch (tactioception). I’m saying we have our senses to thank for the many wonderful things we enjoy in life. For example the beauty and enjoyment found in nature, our favorite foods, certain smells that give us pleasure and even recognizing the unique smell of our loved ones. Sexuality is another very gratifying way in which we can enjoy and express the senses. We can’t deny the fact that we need physical pleasure our bodies were designed for it and our environment supports it. Hugs, smiles and kisses are known to alter our moods dramatically. Sexuality encompasses a wide range of emotional stimuli, even during the courting stage of the relationship. Stripped to its bare basics and for all intent and purposes the whole activity seems bent on producing pleasure for those involved. This leads me to think that this is a gift, and what a beautiful gift it is indeed.

The Flirtation

So as I ponder this topic some questions demand answers and solutions. I write on matters pertaining to spirituality. Sex is spiritual in nature, whether you believe it to be so is irrelevant. Everything pertaining to our lives and spiritual nature is mentioned in the Holy Bible; therefore sex is a spiritual activity. Who should engage in the act? What is sexuality? Where did it come from? Is it merely a means to an end? Why does it always involve partnership? The full expression of the sexual act always involves two parties and that’s the definition I’m sticking with.

What is sexuality? 

  • We know it is an activity shared by most species on the planet
  • Human sexuality is the capacity to have erotic (sexual) experiences and responses. Human sexuality can also refer to the way someone is sexually attracted to another person ( a basic definition but this will suffice)

We must remember that we are living in a fallen world, before mans fall everything operated in divine order. Sex according to Gods plan is in the confines of marriage and a committed relationship. “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh” Genesis 2:24. Earlier on I said this activity that man enjoys so much is a gift. Our heavenly father likes to gives us gifts, they only work well when we obey his instruction concerning their use though. “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights…” James 1:17.Maybe we should start paying close attention to when he speaks because some of the things we have brought upon ourselves could have been avoided, myself included. Sexual intercourse between the bonds of marriage is a pleasurable act of consummation between two committed individuals. God has ordained that we “[be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it]” Genesis 1:28.


Three powerful concepts I want to bring to your attention. Two flesh becomes one flesh through joining, this signifies almost legal language because the two becoming one it is a type of binding. It suggests a type of contract, partnership whatever you want to call it. You don’t enter into these lightly, do you now?  Secondly he says that we should be fruitful and multiply, so the sexual act is a means whereby this command is carried out and thirdly we are told to subdue the earth. God wanted man to rule and dominate the earth. So we can come to an understanding that the sexual act in itself is not one to be taken lightly. Something that looks so easy from the outside is not so simple when you take it apart and examine it, many layers start to reveal themselves. Wow!

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