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A must destination on your to do list, sometime in your lifetime.I have posted on Dominica before, but when I find an interesting video I like to post it.My beautiful homeland,just one of the many places I call home in this splendid world of ours. Dominicans are largely creative and industrious people.These videos showcase the people , places and culture of Dominica, the Nature Island of the West Indies.



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“Discern and treasure anything or anyone that energizes and motivates you” Mike Murdock.

Sometimes we have to look outside ourselves for motivation and encouragement, many sources can benefit us in this regard.

It is important to surround oneself with a  mentor. Mentor-ship is necessary if we are to grow and develop in this life.You don’t have to book coaches to gain their wisdom and knowledge.Read their books,I have heard Mr. Murdock say this time and time again.It works! Even Jesus had a mentor, [he said he does what he sees his father doing] John 5:19.

Many people don’t read, knowledge is to be found in books.I want to challenge my readers this holiday season to read a book.Who knows when you begin you might not want to stop ever.To books!

I personally believe the world would be a better place if more of us took the time to read.It’s not just about reading though, we need to reason, weigh certain things for ourselves.Inspiration and motivation over the years has become a global movement everyone is a poet, and a lyricist.So what has it achieved for us? We need power outside our selves to keep us motivated, to keep us reaching,to bring about permanent change in our societies and to improve on what we currently have.We are one of the richest generations of all times but we are broke in many areas of our lives.Unable to solve a host of problems and constantly going around in circles  is this generation.I look around and see many numb individuals,  living from one day to the next.Some of us have given up, dead men walking, no future , no prospects, no hope.The bird does not sing outside our window anymore, he’s caged up. Apathy,no I did not just say that.A tragedy comes around and jolts us for a second and then we go right back to plodding along.I wonder if  most of us ever think of tomorrow? I wonder if we think about what our children are about to inherit? I wonder if we think about the environment? What is morality and who cares anyways? What is right and what is wrong the lines are blurred,or maybe I’m just confused.I tell you there are more questions than answers.Before you define me, I’ll tell you who I am? I’m simply a human being!

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