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My new book is here.

http://bookstore.xlibris.com/Products/SKU-0113210049/Sonnets-in-Waking-Moments.aspx – Paper Back

http://bookstore.xlibris.com/Products/SKU-0113210050/Sonnets-in-Waking-Moments.aspx  – Hard Back

 Sonnets in Waking Moments


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Legend (Bob Marley & The Wailers album)

A little bit of reggae.

I grew up listening to the ‘Bobster’. His music was everywhere, in the vehicles and buses we traveled on, in and around Dominica .Also a prominent feature in many social functions and gatherings,I studied his life and work one semester at Guelph University Toronto.To Bob Marley!

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Hello to you all,

My second novel is a wrap,look for Sonnets in Waking Moments poetry is life coming to a bookstore near you soon. Dedicated to my sister Joan St.John.Gone but never forgotten.Thanks so much.

Joszann St.John

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A clearing in the dense forest is home to a modest log cabin

Snow falls gently blanketing the landscape in a curtain of white

Smoke has long ceased from the chimney on the roof top

Inside, the lone occupant

A woman, has fallen asleep in the rocking chair

She wears a thick Angora sweater

And wrapped around her knees is a patchwork quilt

Some embers smolder among the ashes

While shadows flicker along the walls of the room.

It is late in the evening

Her husband left early afternoon to lay traps

Now the light has faded and it is pitch dark

Fresh snow has covered over his footsteps

Obscuring the pathway back to hearth and home.


 By Joszann St.John

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In a lush meadow a gentle breeze ruffles the leaves of a giant oak

Nestled in its branches is a family of robins

Underneath two lovers recline on its wide girth

Sitting on a cushion of springy green grass

While their horses graze yonder in the thicket

A little ways off

Serene and idyllic this trysting place is

They come here often shutting off the intruding world.

Gazing gently into eyes that mirror his soul

The man reaches out and cups his lovers cheeks

She looks back at him

Captivated by his knowing smile

Her smile open and indulgent

Bestowed trust evident as she lays her soul bare

No pretense or constructions that beguile

But love pure, ardent and transparent like glass

Liquid like quicksilver

As it eddies and cocoons them in a timeless embrace.   


  By Joszann St. John

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Looking for a summer read? I’d like to suggest my first novel “McKenna of Dreams and Substance.Set in the Caribbean and Canada, the story is about three generations of women.The novel deals with some of their life struggles and truimphs.Genre is historical romance,a bit of everything for all readers.My books are available online through most major booksellers.Torontonians can check their local libraries for my titles.

This month “McKenna of Dreams and Substance” is the Albion Library Book club selection of the month.Thanks to all my fans, and the WordPress community.


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