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English: Nepali apple

English: Nepali apple (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The wind comes screaming like a banshee across the plains

Rattling an orchard of mature apple trees standing row upon row

And dislodging their bounty.

Ripe and immature fruit fall to the ground in a flurry of leaves

Some while still edible will become food for human consumption while foraging animals work over the rest of the bunch.

For centuries, the old grove stood at the edge of town

Overlooking a tranquil little cemetery

The grave markers are jumbled closely together.

A silent witness !

The woodlands had been privy to numerous funerals. 

Mourners paying their respects to the dearly departed.

Leaving something of themselves behind every time

Their loved ones, flowers and epitaphs!


By Joszann St. John

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