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My Social Media Personae

As we encourage and inspire each other through blogging, different social media  platforms and other types of media and art we are changing the world.Transforming our consciousness and bringing back divine balance into mans affairs. It is a movement that has begun, some might say it has been around for a while now.I say otherwise, this global flow has a new sound and a new energy.Changing as it picks up momentum and demolishes obstacles, it refuses to bow to archaic demands.The spirit of now wants change, radical change that can sustain and balance the lives of seven billion people.Though mostly centralized to the youths fringes and pockets of mature ideologies will balance and complement the flow.Some of the dramatic changes we have seen in recent years attest to present reality.The world is no longer the same,it is really a global village now.I will also say that God has his hands smack dab in the affairs of men. Thanks for reading…Ciao

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