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In triumph I

Surrender to love completely

Broken I submitted, now reborn

Like a hibiscus flower wilting in the heat of the sun

Only to recover in the cool of a rain shower replete

I sing a love song

My siren call echoes like sound ricocheting around and around

The cave like prison of existence

Of day and night fading into twilight

Like light pouring through a skylight

I sing a love song

Of taste and textures sublime

Sweet lyrics and rhyme

Scaling lofty heights of feeling

Searing deep inside melting

Colliding with space and time

I sing a love song

Ethereal beauty eclipsing solidity and substance

Love channels undulating like waves upon the sea

Carefree tendrils of  spray like foam

Resembling ribbons of white lace

Playing etch a sketch upon the molecules and atoms of a heart beating

Totally hopelessly wondrously in love

Will you ask? Perhaps I will answer

Now I sing a song of love

My treble a high octave

Of love, my heart, my only one,

In your arms I’d truly be home where I belong

Mi Corazon.

By Joszann St.John


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A clearing in the dense forest is home to a modest log cabin

Snow falls gently blanketing the landscape in a curtain of white

Smoke has long ceased from the chimney on the roof top

Inside, the lone occupant

A woman, has fallen asleep in the rocking chair

She wears a thick Angora sweater

And wrapped around her knees is a patchwork quilt

Some embers smolder among the ashes

While shadows flicker along the walls of the room.

It is late in the evening

Her husband left early afternoon to lay traps

Now the light has faded and it is pitch dark

Fresh snow has covered over his footsteps

Obscuring the pathway back to hearth and home.


 By Joszann St.John

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In the cold recesses of a frosty night
The woman is awakened
By a slightly imperceptible bump outside
A frisson of awareness
Scuttles across her waking mind
The night is home and hosts to many a myriad creature
Some creepy crawlies and the unmentionables
Eyes heavy lidded from deep sleep
She reacts instinctively
The adrenaline pumping through her blood propels her forward
Time is slowly moving, stagnant in this moment
She pulls the lace curtain aside
And exposes the ugly stares of the dark!

By Joszann St. John

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