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In triumph I

Surrender to love completely

Broken I submitted, now reborn

Like a hibiscus flower wilting in the heat of the sun

Only to recover in the cool of a rain shower replete

I sing a love song

My siren call echoes like sound ricocheting around and around

The cave like prison of existence

Of day and night fading into twilight

Like light pouring through a skylight

I sing a love song

Of taste and textures sublime

Sweet lyrics and rhyme

Scaling lofty heights of feeling

Searing deep inside melting

Colliding with space and time

I sing a love song

Ethereal beauty eclipsing solidity and substance

Love channels undulating like waves upon the sea

Carefree tendrils of  spray like foam

Resembling ribbons of white lace

Playing etch a sketch upon the molecules and atoms of a heart beating

Totally hopelessly wondrously in love

Will you ask? Perhaps I will answer

Now I sing a song of love

My treble a high octave

Of love, my heart, my only one,

In your arms I’d truly be home where I belong

Mi Corazon.

By Joszann St.John

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