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 Sonnets in Waking Moments


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English: Cotton candy Ελληνικά: Μαλλί της γριάς

Homeless buildings cold and vacant dot the landscape of cityscapes

Competing for space/crowded out by the cotton candy existence of newer urban dwellings

Entombed history cries out to be delivered from the confines of yesteryear

Enjoyed and forgotten/ designs and structures of another era

Previous denizens have moved on/ some to other countries and many/ to other realms.

Cranes and demolition equipment will come to history’s rescue.

Raping and pillaging her stores.

She won’t be unearthed gently/ by loving gentle archeological arms

Instead It will be the sharp metal marauding teeth/ of violence tearing and gutting her insides

Laying her to rubble and waste/forgotten now/ flattened becoming a plain


Making way for the recently more expensive monstrosities

“Ahh…” sweet revenge in maybe 50 60 70 or 150 years

Alas the same/ the same.

By Joszann St. John


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