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I want to make my blog more interactive, informative, engaging and exciting this year.Tired of living small,I intend to portray and highlight the things that matter most to me.Poetry,human right issues, different cultures, profiles of individuals and many more topics are on the agenda, so lets get started.A burning desire for teaching and delving into the unvarnished truth of the gospel burns in my heart.So follow me this year on Twitter, join my blog Wounded Bird No More.WordPress  and locate me on Facebook. Lets grow and change together.I never said I was perfect, I do learn from my mistakes though, I want to be better for myself in 2013 but also for my readers and fans, to you! 

Please send me your suggestions,inbox me, leave a comment.Would love to hear from you sincerely.Thanks so much.

I pray that all our lives will bear good fruit this year!



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