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Humanity sheltering a child, Memorial to Edith...

Humanity sheltering a child, Memorial to Edith Cavell, St Martin’s Place London

I have come to realise that mankind’s distrust of each other, hinders and prevents us from becoming all that we were meant to be. We erect walls that prevent us from being more open with each other. What if we learnt to be less judgmental? Many folks believe people are out to get them or take what they have. I do realise we are sometimes justified, in feeling this way. Thanks to the bad and reprehensible actions of some thoughtless humans in the forms of break-ins, other forms of violence, malicious gossips and the like. These people are usually under the influence of some other power. We can forgive you know, it takes time for the hurt and pain to go away, its a process, but it can be done.We can’t do this work by ourselves. My prayer is that we become softer and gentler on each other. Everyone is out to get someone these days. I see it daily. Do you realise my friends that the earth has untapped resources? Some miracles are waiting to be discovered. For you to receive a miracle, you have to recognise it first. We are always waiting on God, some things we must do as humanity. Are we ready to put away our selfish mentality, gimme this, gimme that, me first. The church is not exempt from these practises, some of my brethren have hurt me too. There is work to be done, roll up your shirt sleeves and let elbow grease do the talking. If you think you’re in trouble, by this I mean this generation,just think about the youths of tomorrow. Love and blessings….XOXO

Love ? I love love love you.


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But as he which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation;Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy”1 Peter 1:15-16

 “God is holy in nature and in all His ways, and he wants to make man like Himself.He wants man to be Christlike.This is the aim of all Christian effort.We must therefore constantly and earnestly pray to be made holy” E.M.Bounds.

English: St Peter & Holy Cross, Wherwell Grade...

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Jesus in Pray

“No man with narrow views of God, of his plan to save people, and of the universal needs of all people can pray effectively.It takes a broad-minded man who understands God and his purposes in the atonement to pray well.Prayer comes from a big heart, filled with thoughts about and sympathies for all people” The Power of Prayer by E.M.Bounds.

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“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”

– Chinese Proverb

You are where you are today because you decided to take a step,we choose to walk into or out of destiny at anytime in our lives.Sometimes we are given multiple chances to get it right.My prayer today is that we will all get it right for our societies ,our families and more importantly for ourselves.Blessings and peace! 


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“Neither man nor the world will function properly or fulfill their potential outside of God’s will- because they were designed to function in alignment with God’s purposes” Understanding the Purpose and Power of Prayer by Dr. Miles Munroe.

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