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On a rock promontory sits the glass eye

While the sea eddies around its base

The colorless luminescent orb caged behind steel bars

Spins and turns this way, slowly at first

Now picking up speed and momentum


Searching and sifting for information, spying

On all and sundry

Hard, unyielding and impenetrable, a heart of glass beats beneath its surface

The sun reflections on the sea create a mirror image


Giving credence to the power of the unseeing eye

Protected, slightly obscure in the sea’s embrace

The eye wields power single-handedly

Passerby in boats, shudder in distaste


As they gaze at the monstrosity

An extravagant display of bad taste

Calculating, cold and devoid of warmth

The glass eye sees without seeing!

 By Joszann St. John

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