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Darby, sitting in the shade of some green vines.

While drinking Mulberry wine, 

Seedpods of Coral bead vine, or Gidee-Gidee

Strums his guitar.

If only Geraldine’s daughter

A damsel much sought after

Would walk by, he’d show her

Affection so divine.

He plays a song, singing a bit louder as he starts a tune,

Waxing eloquently, about her fair beauty.

She makes his blood roar like thunder

But the girl doesn’t share his fervor.

She hopes instead for , Prince Charming much older.

Ignoring him as she strolls in youthful splendor.

Proudly glowing, and full to bursting with honeyed praise.

Her indifference rankles, the doting dreamer.

Though his previous attempts at romance ended in disaster

For Darby, hope floats optimistic, bringing him closer to the object of his desire.

By Joszann St. John


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In triumph I

Surrender to love completely

Broken I submitted, now reborn

Like a hibiscus flower wilting in the heat of the sun

Only to recover in the cool of a rain shower replete

I sing a love song

My siren call echoes like sound ricocheting around and around

The cave like prison of existence

Of day and night fading into twilight

Like light pouring through a skylight

I sing a love song

Of taste and textures sublime

Sweet lyrics and rhyme

Scaling lofty heights of feeling

Searing deep inside melting

Colliding with space and time

I sing a love song

Ethereal beauty eclipsing solidity and substance

Love channels undulating like waves upon the sea

Carefree tendrils of  spray like foam

Resembling ribbons of white lace

Playing etch a sketch upon the molecules and atoms of a heart beating

Totally hopelessly wondrously in love

Will you ask? Perhaps I will answer

Now I sing a song of love

My treble a high octave

Of love, my heart, my only one,

In your arms I’d truly be home where I belong

Mi Corazon.

By Joszann St.John

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Looking for a summer read? I’d like to suggest my first novel “McKenna of Dreams and Substance.Set in the Caribbean and Canada, the story is about three generations of women.The novel deals with some of their life struggles and truimphs.Genre is historical romance,a bit of everything for all readers.My books are available online through most major booksellers.Torontonians can check their local libraries for my titles.

This month “McKenna of Dreams and Substance” is the Albion Library Book club selection of the month.Thanks to all my fans, and the WordPress community.


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