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Time and time again the Bible cautions us to abstain from sexual immorality. “You are to abstain from food sacrificed to idols, from blood, from the meat of strangled animals and from sexual immorality. You will do well to avoid these things” Acts 15:29.From the earlier paragraphs we understand that sex ‘the joining of flesh’ is for the married couple. When God speaks numerous times on a particular subject there is always a reason for it. We have to understand why we get involved in certain things, and why we do what we do. The age old sentiment that it feels good should be thrown out the window. Feelings get us into trouble more times than we can count. What God is doing in this season is pulling back the veil he wants you to know. When you are in the know you can make better choices and you’ll save yourself from repeated heartache.

Sexuality has been used as a tool to entrap many throughout the ages. In fact many people are trapped in sexual bondage and don’t even know it. You say how can that be? I want you to come with me on a spiritual journey. Leave the realm of the physical for a moment. The spiritual realm is the most important realm, everything you see operates in the spiritual realm first before it becomes real. The Bible says that “as it is written… before him whom he believed, even God, who quickeneth the dead, and calleth those things which be not as though they were” Romans 4:17.Everything exists with God, something can’t come from nothing, we came from somewhere (the mind of God). Those that want you to believe you have evolved are misguided. Your body is a wonderfully crafted work of love and art, built essentially for you to enjoy the physical realm. The Bible states in Matthew 22:30 “For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven. This scripture verse in essence is saying that angels do not have sex so hence sex is an earthly or human activity. This is an aside but one can infer that angels are operating on a higher frequency of existence that they don’t need physical intimacy to experience pleasure my thoughts.

So we have established there are two realms acting on mankind, the physical, which we see and the spiritual that which is unseen. They are both important and many of us are destroyed for lack of knowledge, Hosea 4:6.It is because we don’t know that Satan and his agents are having a field day with mankind. Spiritual laws and earthly laws exists, we need to get familiar with them. Spiritual laws will always supersede man laws. To learn the spiritual side of the law you need to immerse yourself in the Bible. Satan tricked Eve, and is still operating in the same vein it generations later. Why? We refuse to obey God; we don’t study to become approved. The church community is not exempt either; the devil has entered into the church. We invited him in with open arms because we refused to set a standard for our lives.

I‘m just briefly touching upon some established facts. Do you know that every opening whether on your body or anywhere else for that matter is a doorway or gate. Your sexual organs are doorways, gates into your body and also in the spiritual realm. Many of us got involved with the wrong individuals. Do you know the Spiritual realm sends good packages and bad ones too? We can group the spiritual; realm into two factions the positive which is always God and is good and the negative which is always bad, don’t matter how beautiful it appears. Every human being has an assignment; by association meaning the things of the spirit your assignment can be either good or perverted.  Some of you are with individuals sent by Satan to destroy your life, you don’t know it and your partner sometimes doesn’t know it either.

Your body houses your spirit, if your sexual organs are a gateway that means whatever poison or defilement the agents of Satan cook up for you it will enter. Christians are afflicted too, so how you avoid it? You must be a born again believer, your prayer altar must be intact (prayer and reading of the word), ask God for your divine husband? Please never choose for yourself. If you are a young person and untouched blessings to you, abstain from pre marital sex. You can change the outcome of your destiny because you have the information that will save you from making the mistakes your family members made.

About the evil spirits, they don’t need your permission to afflict you. In fact they are counting on your ignorance. Some of them even defile you in your sleep. So you use condoms, evil spirits enter through locked doors and come into your walls do you think a condom is a match for them? Please don’t be scared, this is not my intention at all. You need to be aware so you can equip yourself and your children. So remember we talked previously about the joining together of two flesh becoming one. Every time you have sex your spirit, soul, and body connects to your partner. It’s not just the connecting part you should be concerned about. Touching denotes transfer; something is always transferred (for another time, in marriage covenants good things transfer like love, feeling of well being etc).

If not sanctioned by marriage the covenant you enter in opens you up to demons from the pits of hell. They are waiting for you to enter illegally, that’s why God said we should not do certain things. Ever see some individuals lives suddenly take a turn for the worse and nobody can explain what is wrong it is demons that entered into that life. They come in many ways but let’s stick with the sexual aspect. When you sleep with John you get his demons and his family demons. A couple of scenarios if he is an unbeliever and never washed in the blood what you think happen? First you have become one with him, whatever is fighting him from his family lineage him now comes unto you. You have also given him yours too, if John was a promiscuous young man back in the day and he sewed wild oats with a bunch of people?  Every person he’s interfered with and their demons are now part of your spirit too. Yes my friend it’s a soup we have entered into in our ignorance. We need deliverance the world is in quite a state; we need Jesus now more than ever before. We can’t fix this mess only his blood can fix this. The idea is floated that in modern times many of us have had multiple partners. It means we are coming into contact with multiple spirits. So for individuals in the sex trades etc do the math.

Next time I will give you biblical instances. It has happened to many prominent figures in antiquity. Samson, Judah, David and his sons, Rahab and the list is exhaustive. I love you this day!



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