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In the evening

When the sun is setting

A solitary figure walks

On the edge

Where sand and water collide


Her long demure skirt

Flutters playfully in the evening breeze

Coming off the water.

Head bowed in thought  she contemplates her life

Crossroads yawn like chasms before her.


There is no past

Long gone now, swallowed up by the mists of time

Days run into each other

Some distinct but mostly similar

Experiences repetitive, lack luster boring


She’d dreamt of so much more

Just for a moment she thinks of Prince Charming

Sand grains under foot grounds her in reality though.

The sea has always been a calming influence

On her already tranquil spirit.


Waves cascade in warm surprise around  legs

As toes now submerged  take on an ethereal quality

Her eyes never tire of the view

As the sea stretches out before her endless and vast

Compelling and forcing her to choose!


By Joszann St.John

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