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I have been tremendously encouraged by the support and love, the fans and readership have shown over the years. Change for the better, is always a good thing. I’m launching my new and updated blog and website soon. It’s a space created with the reader in mind. The new site, is easier to navigate and much more accessible. Everything about me, including  past and current   projects, will be  available to you . This is in essence, a last post of sorts. I hope to have WoundedBirdNoMore.wordpress.com,  up for a while as we move house. Looking forward to your continued support.

Thank you so much!

Yours Sincerely
Joszann St. John

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Thanks really…

I normally don’t do this but another  milestone has been reached on  my blog.Thanks to my readers,everyone who stops by and to those who press the like button.Yeah, you are much appreciated.Your support keeps me motivated.Thanks  so much!


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It’s June already, the year is of to a running start I’d say.Enjoying the nice weather here in Toronto,no more jackets for a change.Thanks to you, my readers.I appreciate you reading and liking my poems.Quite a few challenges for the year already but I’m pressing on.Thought I’d let you in on a secret, shhh… don’t tell anyone.Working on my next book project,I’m pounding away,trying to get Anna,Viola and Louise out of my system.Looking forward to being better acquainted with you this summer.Best always to readers and writers everywhere!

So much sadness and violence in the news all the time.Life realities are not always comforting,some of it is necessary though.When it gets too much for me, I can always retreat into my writing.I do hope my poetry and stories adds to the beauty of your soul.Always take some time to nourish your spirit.You’ll be glad you did…


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