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English: Wild Malus sieversii apple

Her painted smile leaks down into her neck

Running in lines down to her heaving bosom

Part laugh, but mostly wry self deprecating humor

It’s not everyday that she pauses to reflect, but when she does

She remembers being willing

Full of curiosity and joie de vivre

Now all the faces morph into sameness

Before they were special, when she could call them by name

Johnny, Billy, Reggie and Mackey.

There was a time when expectations ran high and she’d dreamed of the culmination of her business.

She didn’t mourn her squandered youth!

Why bother?

Her mother did up and leave her to fend for herself

On the cusp of womanhood, she had been shopped around.

Promising herself five years, the plan was to relocate somewhere afterwards

Far away from, the sanctimonious drivel of familiar creatures

Yearning had settled in her heart these last year’s though

For Johnny and innocence.

She regretted eating Eve’s poison.


By Joszann St. John


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Woman in a rowing boat

Woman in a rowing boat (Photo credit: National Media Museum)

The cocoon of self wrapped tight

Cloaking the sleeping bud/ hiding out of sight

Some impetus/forces / agitates crisis

Of movement and change/no longer comfortable/slices

Through membranes, collapsing inward/dying to allow self/ to escape

Up and out/ full term/ sliding and scraped

 At first tentative/ peeping, cautious/ first steps/then bolder  

Sustained hunger/ now compelling satiety

Metamorphosis a reality

Rapidly changing structures/ transforming the newly minted canvas

Imagined perception/ crumbling/ it was supposed to be … but is total morass

Joszann St. John

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In the early evening

When the work on the farm is done

And the sun is setting

Johnny comes a calling

We oft walk alongside the meadow.

In the still of the dusk

Beautiful flowers, their many colors

Spread out, resplendent like a patchwork quilt

Seem other worldly/luminous in the fading daylight

There’s a sudden movement in the low bushes and my little mutt

Rufus scampers to investigate.

It’s probably a wild rabbit

I purse my lips in remembered delight

Gone were the days when Pa would come through the door whistling

A tasty little morsel slung over his shoulder.

In the lengthening shadows

I drift closer to Johnny

His hard arms surround me/comforting and  full of  strength

A cow moos in the distance as we round a bend

We wave to farmer Ben

He grunts without looking up

His attention focused on his unruly hogs

On a quiet grassy knoll we sit and stare in wonder

As the sun dips low/biding the day goodbye.

By Joszann St.John

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 Sonnets in Waking Moments

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Early spring narcissus

In the spring she comes to her favorite place down by the water.

Where the willow trees dip low/and the wind blows her hair/ whipping it around her face.

The daffodils smile in welcome/they have yearned to see her/upon their rising.

For the past winter has been long and harsh/the woman bends to pluck a flower as she brings it closer/ and inhales/the scent of the newly awakening earth.

The sounds of nature permeate the atmosphere

A Robin nearby sings/ cherry, cheer up!

The music wraps itself around her lithesome body/ her heart picks up speed/and drums a staccato beat

Exhilaration soars through her blood.

She is not a traditional beauty/ but here sheltered /in natures sweet bower / she radiates a compelling aura.

Harnessed over time and seasons/ of enlightenment and awareness/ through many varied experiences.

The young green saplings/ dotting the expansive marshland /bow in the breeze.

Paying homage to her serene presence amongst them.

Joszann St. John

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She gathers the pieces of a discarded letter

Crushing them in her small hands

An almost burnt-down lit candle on a candle ho...

Up since midnight/

A coherent sentence – evades her

She wants to end it.

Yesterday in the dell/ she happened upon them

Drawn by the sweet tinkling laughter of a woman/in love

It was their own secret place/no one else should have been there

How could he?

Two timing/Matthew Horner

She looks at his photograph hanging in the corner.

He has broken her heart

After promising that they would never part

She has loved and lost

Broken emotions/ and shattered trust

And the tears boil over

Here in her room she mourns

For that which she thought she had.


By Joszann St.John


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As the rains come down

The dust that had settled over everything runs in muddy rivulets

Making tributaries as they converge on the ground

Two boys play in the down pour

Their faces happy and full of glee

Wide grins of delight turn into shrieks of laughter

Their wet slippery hands fail to connect 

As they hit out at each other/ in mock play fight

In the overhang of a summer porch the mother watches

Her boys/ pride evident in her beaming smile

A sigh of contentment escapes from her parted lips

While the frown she has carried these past weeks as she waited for rain/ leaves her weathered face

Rendering her momentarily youthful

She lets down her hair

The chignon slowly unravels/ as she runs to join her boys-in the rain.

Joszann St.John

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