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Hello everyone, summer greetings!

I hope you are in great spirits. I’d like to announce that my new website is up and running ūüôā yay!

Visit http://www.woundedbirdnomore.com Your feedback would be much appreciated.

Sincerely Joszann



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I have been tremendously encouraged by the support and love, the fans and readership have shown over the years. Change for the better, is always a good thing. I’m launching my new and updated blog and website soon. It’s a space created with the reader in mind. The new site, is easier to navigate and much more accessible. Everything about me, including ¬†past and current¬†¬† projects, will be ¬†available to you . This is in essence, a last post of sorts. I hope to have¬†WoundedBirdNoMore.wordpress.com, ¬†up for a while as we move house. Looking forward to your continued support.

Thank you so much!

Yours Sincerely
Joszann St. John

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Having to go over completed projects is very demoralising . ¬†I’m a work in progress, but it will ¬†be all good in the end.¬†I don’t believe in coincidences anymore and so I try to humble myself and learn from every situation. After encountering ¬†many setbacks and opposition in my¬†lifetime, I’m very grateful ¬†for the¬†lessons¬†in resiliency¬†and patience.

Forward¬†momentum¬†has arrived in 2013, and I’m working on some new projects. I can’t wait to share them with¬†you, I do apologise for being away from you on WordPress. As I build,I’ve come across many¬†walls, in the form of¬†spiritual battles, but God is¬†faithful. I tell people, attitude and¬†knowledge¬†is everything, as we¬†go through¬†life’s¬†trials and testings. We fall down but we get up by the grace of God. Blessings,and happy Thursday everyone!

This picture is of the Credit River, in Weston Lions Park in Toronto. One of our favorite jaunts, when my kids and I, lived in the Weston Village area.


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I must acknowledge the goodness and awesomeness of God, without him I would not be here today.

I started this blog three¬†years¬†ago.All I had was this dream to impact others.Dreams are powerful but we must embark on them, they are of no use¬†sitting¬†around in our minds.We must dare to bring them to¬†the¬†light of day.From not knowing anyone to over 5000 views and almost 100 hundred¬†followers, I’m grateful and humbled by your¬†generosity.A huge thank you to the WordPress¬†Community¬†at large.Thanks to my reading¬†audience and followers.Don’t keep the posts to¬†your¬†selves, share them with others.I do look forward to more great posts and the best of 2013.To all the ¬†bloggers and writers, much love and appreciation for all you do.We are changing the world with the words that loan themselves to us.¬†Join¬†me on my¬†Facebook¬†pages and follow me on Twitter.I thank you so much.



Yours sincerely,

Joszann St.John

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My interview  with Xlibris publishing!


Please share, feel free to re-blog or post thanks so much.

Sincerely Joszann

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Happy New Year to the WordPress family and to all my fans.

So 2012 is  gone and we have been given another chance to paint the canvas of life with more bold strokes hopefully. Onwards to 2013 and the best and brightest of all you were meant to be.It is with heartfelt appreciation and love that I look forward to continuing with you this year.

Sincerely Joszann

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