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Cruel moment reach in and tear out my heart.
Aim so true so perfect the dart impacted.
Giant words they bruise.
Bereft floating on a sea of dreams.
Eyes wide staring.
Silence a little longer still.
I won’t beg.
Every sound real imagined magnified.
Clock ticking endless infinite.
Fan overhead,whirring whirring.
Raindrops on tin roof tic pic tic pic.
Silence heavy and dense.

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“Never give up ,for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn” by Harriet Beecher Stowe.

“You have to dream big,for you to be big” a child told me this one.

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“It’s not enough to believe.One must take action.Action creates change” by Joszann.

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I have been privileged to experience summer in the caribbean and also in Canada my adopted homeland.Summer is one of my favorite seasons, in both countries.

Summer in Dominica:

As a young girl, my five sisters and I would be off from school for two months.It was a time to pack away school books and read novels or go visiting.My aunts and grandmother houses with our other cousins were the place to be.We would play games under the blistering heat of the caribbean sun.Or sometimes we would go to the river to wash or bathe.I remember picking mangoes and guavas stoning the ripe fruit if they were to high to reach.The ripe mangoes would be so sweet,the yellow juice would stain your clothes, and leave your hands and skin sticky.My aunt Cooksie,had a guava tree in her yard.The smell would beckon,when you bit in it was another matter.The guavas were so sour.We knew this and everytime we were lulled by the sweet smell and would bit in and suffer our way through.

Children would sometimes run away from their mothers watchful eyes, and go out of the village on ‘fatpoke’ or ‘pwadu’ runs.I never tried that with my mom, she would not let me anyways.If I disobeyed there would be repercussions.

My favorite activity was going to the beach especially on the first Monday in August.We would pack a huge picnic and most families would journey out of their village together by bus or van to go to a special beach.I remember visiting the beaches of Portsmouth, Dominica’s second largest town.The town is located in the north of the island and lies along the sea coast.Every Summer we would pick a different beach,one year we went to ‘PurpleTurtle Beach’.I never found out ,why it was called that particular name.’August Monday’ is a national holiday in Dominica and most of the other Caribbean islands.It is in celebration of the emancipation of slavery in the Caribbean.

I hated when the summer drew to a close though.That first day back at school and writing that dreaded essay all the teachers asked you to write titled “What did you do on your summer holidays”? Even though I had enjoyed my summer,I did not like to write about it.

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Some thoughts

In todays world some great qualities a from yesteryear have gone flying out the window.Values such as honesty, sincerity integrity and genuinely caring for someone else’s well being is hard to come by these days.People talk but don’t walk the walk.I must be honest I have gone through a lot of personal struggles in the last little while.

My work is about sharing and being honest about my experiences.I must tell my truth,as there are other women with the same issues.There is a certain pretentious and hypocritical element in todays business world.I say that because I have asked and knocked on so many doors and most have been closed in my face.Many people who quit or end up making poor choices,I have realised is not because they haven’t tried.I am a big believer in prayer,and it is my faith that has kept me going.Sometimes though one gets to the point where even praying doesn’t seem to help.

For me its not about equality,I just want a fair oppurtunity.Certain elements of a society are shut out for all the wrong reasons.When you reach that point of despair and you don’t want to continue.One has to dig deep and believe and hope that the situation is temporary.

One manager of a shopping mall I had approached to sell my books said I needed two million dollars worth of commercial insurance,draw your own conclusions people.The list goes on and on.I don’t feel I’m bitter, I’m telling my story.In my travels other women have told me their stories.That has also been inspiring to me.A woman’s strength comes from a deep place.Telling our stories empowers us,it gives us a reason to go on,a sort of strength in numbers.So I am admonishing people don’t just talk,back it up with some action.Help someone else! Adversity is a part of life, but I do feel some of us forget to pull someone else up.We all need each other,no man is an island.

When you have children ,you just go on, because sometimes that’s all you can do.Thank you so much.

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“When a poor person dies of hunger,
it has not happened because God did not take care of him or her.
It has happened because neither you nor I wanted to
give that person what he or she needed” by Mother Teresa.

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